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More of my thoughts on the Westboro cult

The Westboro cult seems to be doing more and more outrageously extreme stunts or pickets. I think this behavior is coming from being really desperate. In the documentary “The most hated family in America in crisis” by Louis Theroux, Louis was interviewing one of the young ladies who I think was Grace Phelps-Roper. In the interview she says

"That when they win the lawsuit between them and Mr. Snyder the American people will run them out of the country and they will end up in pink caves in Jerusalem." 

Also in the documentary one of the young boys say that his aunt (Shirley’s sister) had a vision that all the Westboro members were living in pink caves. So they went to the internet and searched for pink caves and found that there are pink caves in Jerusalem.

Now I believe that the lawsuit with Mr. Snyder was settled in September 24, 2009 and Westboro did win but the American people have not chased westboro out of the country. This is why I think they are desperate. They are doing more unthinkable and outrageous things like wanting to picket the funerals of the children of the Sandy Brooks shooting in attempt to make the American people angry enough to chase them away and into the pink caves. They seem panicked to self fulfill and prophecy that they made up and the fact that the young member are leaving the cult adds to this panic.   

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